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Council Member Nominations Open 17/05/18

by Corlan_Dor, 5 days ago

One of the positions on the guild council is now open for nomination and election. 

If you are interested you must nominate yourself in this forum, you must have been a member of the guild for a minimum of 3 months indicated by the date you signed up on the website. No canvassing is necessary as this is only permitted if we go to election stage.

Details of the guild officer posts can be found here.

These posts are subject to guild member election in order to mandate their authority to vote on behalf of the guild members at council meetings.


If interested in becoming a guild Council member, members must nominate them selves by posting their nomination in this thread.

By the end of the 7 days nomination period. All nominations must be seconded by a serving Guild Council member or above.  Seconding of nominations are limited to 2 per Council Member and can be done in the public nomination forum or in the Council Member only forum made for this purpose, please note the results of the seconding can be made public in the interests of an open and democratic process. Any nominations that are not seconded will be removed from the nomination and election process. 

If there is only one nomination received per vacancy then those persons will be successful and there will be no need to go to a vote (We assume that no opposition is an indication of agreement with the nomination by the members.) If someone nominates themselves 48 hours before the closing time and they are the only nomination then the closing time will be extended by a further 72 hours. Once voting starts no further nominations will be allowed.

If there are more nominations then there are posts available then the candidates will be put to a ballot on the web site lasting 7 days. The nomination with the highest number of votes will be made Council Member.

In the event of a draw those candidates affected will be notified and will be offered the opportunity to withdraw their nomination or the candidates can choose to have their names put in a hat and drawn by the Grand Templar and First Templar or they can duel to the death whichever the candidates prefer but must agree with.

Candidates are permitted to withdraw their nomination at any time.

I am opening the nomination process Thursday 17/05/18 20:00 BST.

If you are interested please nominate your self by posting your interest in this forum.

The nominations will end 24/05/18 @ 20:00 BST.


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