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Operation Groups

by Corlan_Dor, 33 days ago

Hi everyone

Thank you for signing up.

The operation teams are:

  Group Group
Tank 1 Toll D'annah
Tank 2 Jax Lynna
DPS 1 Lilshe Easternsun
DPS 2 Bragorc Vacancy
DPS 3 Arabono Sergii
DPS 4 Arkidam Letu
Heal 1 Corlan Danni
Heal 2 Steve Arkidam Heal

Highlighted positions are temporary positions until we get replacements signing up.

Until replacements are found the groups will have to choose operation nights that are on different nights.

Each group should elect a group leader from within their group. To facilitate this I will arrange this for the group I am in if Easternsun or Tollwyn could do the same for the other group please?

I would suggest that we try and have a meeting this Tuesday 19:30 BST for all who can make it from all of the groups please.

Any questions let me know.





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New Guild Council Members

by Corlan_Dor, 36 days ago

The nomination period has ended.

There were 3 nominations and 3 vacancies. There is no need to proceed to the election phase as no further nominations is taken as an indication that the guild members are happy with the nominations.

I am happy to announce that the new guild council members are:



Mike - superweed

Congratulations Guys.


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