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re: Multiple tips and tricks for playing SWGEMU


This is a collection of tips I've collected from various pages.


Compiled list of Commands for your interface options.

Ctrl + E = Players Mail
Ctrl + R = Reply (Tell if you can reply)
Ctrl + I = Inventory
Ctrl + O = Options
Ctrl + P = Community ( friends list, Title/bio page )
Ctrl + A = Command Browser ( Players combat ability list, macro, mood, & social commands)
Ctrl + S = Skill browser ( list of all the professions you have or can get )
Ctrl + D = Datapad ( Vault for your Waypoint locations, & for your creature handler pets and your speeders etc...)
Ctrl + G = Groupchat
Ctrl + H = Help browser, ( for any reason you need help, go here take a ready. )
Ctrl + J = Quest Journal
Ctrl + K = Auto Attack ( K = Kill )
Ctrl + L = Person Light ( Def use on Dark planets it helps! )
Ctrl + C = Character stats & conditions ( Shows Faction status )
Ctrl + Shift + H = Hides your Interface, very nice for screenshots!
Ctrl + Shift + G = FPS ( Lag Levels )
Ctrl + V = Planetary Map ( Shows the planet you are on's PoI's and Cities. )
Ctrl + M = Personal Map ( Shows a Air view of the area you are in )
Ctrl + , or . = Chat size a comma to make it smaller, or a period to make it bigger.

-Target by pressing TAB, not clicking on the target.
-The number next to a target is your chance to hit or accuracy - the higher the better.
-The little * next to a target indicates the difficulty to you.  
green = very easy, blue = easy, white = even match, yellow = difficult, red = very difficult
-If you lay prone and shoot the target will not notice you until you get several shots off.
-If you kneel or lay down you raise your accuracy, but you cannot attack up close while prone.
-Do not attack CorSec (Corellian Security) for no reason.  Just because the default action is attack does not mean you should attack them.
-The red, green and blue bars are referred to as HAM (Health - Action - Mind).
-Using special moves with weapons costs HAM points.
-There are nine different attributes.  3 of each type.  The first is the main bar.  The second determines how much using specials will cost from the main bar.  The third determines how fast the main bar will regenerate.
-The second and third attribute of each category are usually called secondary stats.
-Every bar of your HAM will regenerate faster if you sit down.
-Armor has something called encumberance which is based on how heavy the armor is and how much it slows you down.
-The encumberance is the amount that is subtracted from the second and third attribute of each category of HAM when you are wearing the armor.
-You should only wear armor while fighting, since it lowers your secondary stats.
-After a fight, your HAM bars will regenerate faster if you take off your armor.
-The black area on your HAM bars is wounds.
-Health and Action wounds can only be healed by a medic.
-Mind wounds can only be healed by an entertainer in a cantina or a camp.
-To receive mind healing click on an entertainer that is dancing or playing music and select Listen or Watch.
-You can Listen to one person and Watch another at the same time for faster healing.
-If someone heals your wounds or entertains you to heal your mind wounds, tip them.
-The ALT key changes the mouse mode.
-Change to mouse mode by pressing ALT and then put your mouse cursor at the bottom of the toolbar at the top of the screen until it changes to an up and down symbol and then hold the mouse button and drag downward until you get a second row of toolbars.  You can put skills and items in them and access them by pressing SHIFT-F1 through SHIFT-F12
-You can resize almost any window in the game by putting your mouse cursor on the edge and holding the mouse button and dragging the window bigger or smaller.
-You can move most windows where you want them by dragging them when the mouse cursor looks like a cross +
-You can see further in your radar if you click the little + or - buttons next to it.  The default range is 64 meters.
-Go to the Options menu (CTRL-O) and under the Misc section, check the option
[ x ] Show Onscreen Waypoint Monitor and uncheck the option
[    ] Show Arrows to Waypoints Onscreen
That way you'll have a list of active waypoints with the distance to each one listed.  You can drag it to wherever you want it on your screen.  (I like to put it right under the toolbars)
-You can sort your inventory or backpacks by clicking on "Change View" at the bottom of the window and then clicking on the column at the top that you would like to sort them by.  Example:  If you click on "Item Name" it will sort the items alphabetically by the name and then if you click "Item Type" it will sort by what kind of items they are.  Then click on "Change View" again to switch back to the regular view.  This makes it much easier to keep everything organized.
-Click the little symbol 3O4 on the top left hand corner of your inventory window.  It will bring up an examine pane that will show the stats for whatever you have selected so you can examine items in your inventory without clicking examine on each item.
-Ctrl-V will bring up a planetary map with the locations of cities and the waypoints you have saved.  You can zoom this map in or out.  The right hand side has a list of things you can search for.  Just click the orange box and select the sub item you'd like to find and a waypoint will appear in the map.  If you right click on the waypoint you can creat your own waypoint and activate it so you can easily find it.  As an example, you can click Vendors and then Armor to find a list of armor vendors, then click on the individual vendor and it will show a waypoint on the map indicating where it is.
-Delivery missions pay pretty well.  You can refresh the mission window many times until you get two missions with the same destination location.  It's best to go from one major city to another major city far away.  If you press Ctrl-V and then point at a city with the mouse, you can see how far away and what direction displayed in the lower left hand corner of the window.  The credits from two good missions should pay around 800 a piece and will more than cover your travel costs.  This is an easy way to get money so you can buy a better gun to do destroy missions later on.
-To find resources used to craft things you need the Novice Artisan skill and survey tools.  You can usually find them for sale on the Bazaar in major cities, or you can ask an Artisan to make one for you.
-First use the survey tool to select which resource you'd like to find and click survey.  You will get a map of what percent of that resource is located around you.  You can walk toward the highest % and click survey again until you find the spot with the highest concentration of the resource.
-Once you find a pretty high % of a resource you can click Sample and you will take a sample of the resource from the ground.
-Using the survey tool to survey drains your Mind bar, and taking samples of resources drains your Action bar.
-If you stand still after you click sample the first time, your character will sample again after 30 seconds.
-If you sit down after sampling, your Action will regenerate faster and then after 30 seconds you can click sample again.
-Always experiment when you are crafting items.  It can make any item have at least double the stats.
-In order to experiment you must have a specific crafting tool (not the generic crafting tool) and you must stand next to a crafting station of the same type.  You can find every type of crafting station in most big cities - Coronet has them all in front of the starport. Example: Use a Food and Chemical Crafting Tool while standing next to a Food and Chemical Crafting Station in order to experiment on a stimpack.

-Read the manual that comes with the game and the one on the main site

CTRL-\ (backslash) = /peace  - to stop fighting
CTRL-BACKSPACE = clear your combat queue   - cancels any actions in your combat queue that you haven't done yet.  Good if you hit a certain attack too many times, or if you change your mind and want to do something else, or if you need to heal and can't wait for all the commands to go through.

Ctrl-Shift-TAB: find matches for partial command string, for instance: /flushg shows the exact spelling of that long command...

Ctrl-F1 ... Ctrl-F6: switch to hotkey panel#
Ctrl-F11: previous hotkey panel
Ctrl-F12: next hotkey panel

Ctrl-R: = /reply
Ctrl-T: = /tell

/tt = "Tell targeted player"

Ctrl-1: = /target me
Ctrl-2...9 = target group member #

/tip Bob 10000 bank: tip bob 10000 from your bank

This only pertains to Scouts. You can heal all type wounds by using a camp kit that you construct. Just setup camp and sit awhile and your wounds will heal. You will only have to visit cantinas to heal battle fatigue.

Like to explore - use "<ctrl>m"  to bring up a map even when you're NOT in town ... lets you see things that you might otherwise run (or zoom) right past ... of course, IN town you'll see all the labels on the buildings.  And you'll see those bad guys a mile off!

/find is your friend in town ... it brings up a menu of points of interest (or you can type: "/find cantina" for example).  With luck you'll see an on-screen yellow path to the building or terminal you select.   When your done, use "/find clear" to clean things up!

Scroll up and down will do different things depending on where your mouse sits ... inside a text box it will enlarge or reduce the font; inside the inventory window it makes the pictures larger or smaller; in the main window it will adjust the zoom on your "<ctrl> m" map.

For you ranged weapon users: different guns have different "ideal" ranges.  The weapon description will tell you what the min, max, and ideal modifiers are - your weapon is most effective if you are at the ideal range from your target.  You'll also be more effective if you are /prone ... but be ready to jump up and run 'cause when you are /prone you're very vulnerable!

Selling something in the bazaar?  Pick a busy city like Coronet - folks won't travel to a distant city to purchase anything but the rarest items.   AND, if you put something up for sale, come back and get it if it's not sold after 6 days if you don't want to lose it.  After a week it will simply disappear and you'll get nothing for it except a nice email to cry over.

If you found a great player vendor and buy something, you'll get email confirming the sale.  The email comes with a waypoint attachment that you can "save" in your datapad.  Of course, you can save the email as well.  Either way the waypoint makes remembering and finding the good vendor easy the next tie you need bofa treats!

Even if you're not a creature handler, you can use a pet up to a level ten pet (trainable pets have higher levels depending on how strong they are - level ten is not much, but can aid the newbie character immensely!).  There is lots of advice on the boards about which pet is "best", but it sure helps to have something to take the attention of that bad guy besides your own self!  Most novice creature handlers would be honored to give you a baby pet for a pittance, or just for the fun of it.  There are also pets you can ride if you can't afford motorized transportation (or if you just prefer a furry friend).

 ctrl L     to bring up a light so you can see at night.
Pressing the Period .  Key on the number pad toggles the Chase Camera on and off.

Pressing Ctrl-Enter drops and raises the Chat window bar where your spatial, group chat etc are located.

Ctrl-up arrow allows you to scroll up through your recent chat typings.

Ctrl-down lets you scroll back down through your recent chat typings.

Ctrl-Left or Right allows you to move the cursor in the chat window back and forth through the text you are typing.

Use PrtSc button often in the beginning so you can Print the Screen and remember your journey all the way through.

Numberlock allows you to run/walk without needing to press the right mouse button or use the arrow keys.

Type //  in the spatial and you will get a list of all the commands available in game.

It is always a good idea to right click the spatial and create a new tab for only Instant Messages.  Helps organize incoming /tells

/notepad is a good way to save and store notes for a period of time.

/mailsave and /maildelete are good ways of organizing your mailbox if it gets too full.  you will get a confirm before mail deletes

Ctrl-Backspace in the game makes those goofy square box characters you may see in chats.

/eject gets you out of being stuck in most cases inside buildings or in objects.

Cut, Copy, and Paste are available but need to be set up by each player.  Press Ctrl-O for the Options menu and go to the Control window.  At the bottom of the control window is a button called Keymap.  In keymap I think you can click on either UI, Chat, or All to find the commands for Cut, Copy, and Paste without commands next to them.  I mapped mine to Ctrl-Shift-X for cut Ctrl-Shift-C for copy and Ctrl-Shift-V for paste since Ctrl-C is mapped to your Character window and Ctrl-V is your map.  Of course you can change this around anyway you like.  For Ctrl-Shift-V you may get a window that asks you if you want to change the command from a debugging command to Paste but since no one is programing this game, you can just ignore that and click yes to conitinue.

Ctrl-H brings up the Holocron which has a lot of good info inside it about different problems or questions.  It is basically the ingame FAQ as well as a good place to report bugs etc.

The commands below are the ones I use most frequently to move furniture around. The numeric value in the text is related (dont ask me about the ratio) to the distance the object moves.
/move back 50
/move forward 50
/move up 50
/move down 50
/rotate left 90

If you'd like to move a piece of furniture right up against the wall without having to guess, give this macro a try:
/moveFurniture forward 512;
/moveFurniture forward 256;
/moveFurniture forward 128;
/moveFurniture forward 64;
/moveFurniture forward 32;
/moveFurniture forward 16;
/moveFurniture forward 8;
/moveFurniture forward 4;
/moveFurniture forward 2;
/moveFurniture forward 1;
Your furniture will be right up against the wall after you run it. Very useful for hanging paintings.

It might help to make an aliase for attacking nests:
/alias knest /attack;/pause 2;/peace
Then you just target the nest and type /knest and you'll attack the nest for two seconds and peace automatically.  This should summon up a couple of creatures without having enough time to aggro on you.

Equiping a weapon in your highest trained category raises the mission level meaning more payoff.  If you don't have a weapon in your hand, and are lousy at unarmed combat, your mission difficulty will be VERY low.  If you have three ranks of Rifle and have a rifle equiped when you list your missions you will get a more challenging, higher paying mission.

change the Mouse Mode button from ALT to the Middle Mouse Button. I feel it's a lot easier and more intuitive to use that way.

You can use the /Mount and /Dismount Macro and hotkeys for Vehicles as well as Mounts.

"/target" command is VERY useful. If you're having trouble finding something in a dungeon, this can really help. For example on the corvette trying to find the fuel controls type "/target fuel" and you'll have the coords.

some references:

A New Player Guide - or - random tips for beginners
Guides collected by the SWGEMU community for "Guides"
Nicely presented guide (googledrive)



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