Revised 13/11/15. Corlan.

Fixed Operation Groups

These are formed by the guild council and membership is through an application process on the web site. These groups have fixed nights that they operate and the operation content is usually very difficult and challenging. Members are expected to have spent time optimising their gear, researching the operation and preparing stims and adrenals prior to the start of the raid. Signups are required in Rapid Raid and deviation from the group rules is usually punished. Although we do not do hard core raiding this is as close as we get to it.

Unplanned operations

Often random members will discuss and decide what operation we will do on the night once we know availability and makeup of the group/s and or group finder content.

Sometimes we will do an 8 man sometimes a 16 man operation and other times we will do 2 (or more) x 8 man operations. This will depend on the needs of the people available.

Planned Operations

These are on set nights of the week and Rapid Raid is used to implement sign ups. Before signing up members are expected to be near to or have the minimum gear specifications for the advertised content. Members will be penalised in the points system who sign up and are not near or at the minimum requirements.

The Points System

We are piloting this currently and it is in development.

The purpose of our points system:

Points are awarded and deducted as follows:

Signups and attendance in an operation provide points to members. However, taking part in an operation will deduct points from a member’s score; but not enough to rob them of all of their participation points. Therefore, more participation over time means a slowly increasing score.


The higher your score the lower the chance you will be chosen to raid if there is a crunch decision to be made. Ie. If we are oversubscribed for a raid. This favours people who have not raided as much with the guild. (The same old people won’t be raiding all of the time)

Bad Raid Etiquette

If you break the operation rules (Late for the start, sign up and did not attend, making the raid wait while you finish a flash point etc) you will accrue points quicker (through negative spend points) making it even less favourable for you if there is a crunch decision to be made. Why use negative spend points? This makes bad raid etiquette show up in red on the points table helping us to use this data when making decisions about future raiding. NB- The points can be appealed against by putting your case to the guild leader or a luminary.

Ok how does the points system work when we are oversubscribed?

Say we have 2 tank slots and 3 people sign up.

Tom 10 points, Ron 15 points and Jon 9 points.

The places will be filled in order of who has the lowest score first. Jon and Tom would get the slots.

If there is a vacancy in the healer or DPS roles, then Ron would be offered one of the slots if he has a character raid ready. If there are no vacancies, then Ron would have to sign up next time and would get a 1 point deduction.

If two people in the crunch decision both have the same number of points then the person signing up first will get priority.

Here is the caveat: This points system favours those with fewer points during selection. There is the possibility that a group could end up full of inexperienced raiders. This could cause raid failure when doing a particularly challenging raid. Therefore, on occasions an experienced player may be given a higher priority in order to help the group succeed, however, we do not expect this to be the norm but may be a regular occurrence in a NiM. Two officers will be required to agree this action.

Signup: 0 points

Selected: 5 points

Took Part SM: -2 points

Took Part HM: -3 points

Took Part NiM: -4 points

Signed up and did not get a place: -1 point (If you sign up with multiple characters you will get the option of which character you want the point added to)

(NB – these points deductions may change if the guild is trying to prioritise a particular level of operation. EG we just recruited a lot of new players and we want to encourage our experienced members to help new members do story modes. We would put -4 points for a story mode. Causing participants to drop their points quickly giving them a higher priority for other raids that they would probably prefer to do.)


Signing up and not attending: Purchase penalty -5 points

Taking part and left early: Purchase penalty -2 points

Attending late or unprepared: Purchase penalty -2 points

Other penalty points can be awarded by the raid leader or officers of the guild for other negative behaviour.

Taking part in other guild events that are not raids can also result in awarding a reduction in points. Ie taking part in a guild quiz or awards evening could get -10 points awarded. This has the effect of increasing your chances of being selected by reducing your points score.


In all cases the operation leaders decision will be final as to who takes part, what role's members will undertake and will be final arbitrator on any operation activities where there is difference of consensus on the action we take in any given situation. Our operation leaders will be expected to be fair but firm in their decisions. If you feel you have been mistreat you can use the guilds complaint procedures.

If someone is giving guidance to the group about an upcoming action it is polite not to interrupt this person either in Voice Chat or using in-game chat. This interrupts the flow of the person explaining the action and upsets those people interested in listening. In addition, contradicting the advice can lead to confusion and wipes. If you need to suggest an alternative action, please do this after the explanation. Continued misuse of the chat systems in this way will result in you being removed from the group. Or shouted at by a frustrated Ops Leader.


The loot rules for the operation will be agreed by the operation group prior to starting. If a consensus cannot be agreed upon then the Raid leader will implement a loot rule system that he considers appropriate to the group taking into account what was discussed and the makeup of the group.

If the loot stakes are high and the group is not familiar with the instance or someone in the group may have difficulty reading the loot popups the operation leader may choose to use Master Looter to slow down the process to ensure a more relaxed distribution of the loot.

We do not condone plotting or engineering loot draws to ensure guild members maximise loot over a none guild member who may be in the group. Often the raid would not have been possible without the help of a non-guild member and on this basis they have an equal chance to obtain reward/loot.